Jewelry Coin Cat and Christmas

Initial G Ring $50.

Ring is stamped "sterling" inside the band and has a crosshatch design on the sides. I believe the initial "G" is on black onyx. Size apx 7.5

White gold; Peridot Stone is almost a 1/4" has 4 small diamonds 2 on each side. Ring is a size 5 $70.

With a 10X loupe the inside band

looks to read/hallmarked aquila14

Gold necklace 16 inch $20.

7” Thin gold ankle bracelet $10.

Oval Shaped Topaz Set in a 10 Karat Yellow Gold Mounting with 2 Diamond chips Ring is a 5 $70.00

$75. Fuchsia pink Topaz stamped / hallmarked 10 kt white gold pink topaz ring. Oval faceted cut 4 carats Size 5.75

Turquoise Clip on Earrings $4.

Canada Quarter Coin set 2000 Millennium Quarters BU Uncirculated

$10. each—I have 2 sets

Silver Color Angel Wing Charm Pendant with rose flower. 9 available $2 ea.

Big box of cat books <click to view the page with listings.

Last updated June 13, 2019

$100 for all the Christmas items here or make offer on items you want.

2 leopard print stockings w. photo slider spots  2 red white stockings

Ornaments—most are vintage.  The heart one bottom left says Our First Christmas

2 Bags of faux garland and one faux red poinsettia, one red velvet bag and one dish

We’ve had these forever and my mom used to hang them from the ceiling. They’ve got fishing line tied to them. 8 plastic snowflakes and a red bow

3 white snowflake lights

5 vintage décor sprigs

We outlined our house in all white lights one year. Everything shown in the right picture is what’s in the container. Container isn’t for sale.



Beanie Babies Collection TY DOBY the Doberman (although I think it looks like a Rottweiler) DOB 10-9-96 retired beanie Excellent condition with tags. $20

NEW Travel size Litter lifter scoop $6

Kong groom mat 737257265622

Pad 16x20x1.5

 $ 25

The cat shirts are small or xsmall. The pic is when my kittens were about 7-10 weeks old.
The Kong groom mat says 16 x 20 x 1.5" on the tag.

$20 for both

Bergan Turbo Track Cat toy w. one ball $10

Shriners Mason Masonic  North Carolina Vintage

Tie clip clasp bar chain dangle pendant looks to have a pearl inset $35Lapel pin still in sealed bag. Says A.F & A.M 25 years North Carolina $10

Or both for $40


Set of Ten Statehood Quarter dollars 24 kt gold plated 1999-2000 With COA $35

Custom-made cat theme black and white fabric covered photo album. Closed 11.75 x 12.5 x 5.25 with over 100 8x11 pages. Open it’s 28 5/8” long. It weighs 13lbs. $60.