Samsung HX30W <-click for specs


15x zoom advanced point and shoot with manual and auto modes.


Comes with everything shown—all that came in the box when I bought it new.



Like new condition. $150. 00 Used very little

OPTech dots strap trio $18.00

I recolored and un-pasteled the dots with bolder colors. set of neoprene straps designed to carry a compact camera, binoculars and other camera gear. It uses loop connectors with small quick disconnects to easily attach the strap to the camera. There is a small 1.5 mm QD (Quick Disconnect) cord that fits even the tightest connection areas. The QD cord enables the user to quickly release the equipment from the strap. The trio consists of a Mini Loop Strap-QD, a Cam Strap-QD and a Finger-Cuff QD. It can easily change from neck to wrist to finger strap.  This item is made in the USA. I never used the neck or finger strap

8 universal aluminum alloy mini tripods apx 6” tall when closed. $10 each

Last updated January 2, 2018

Understanding Close-Up Photography: Creative Close Encounters with Or Without a Macro Lens Paperback by Bryan Peterson. New but back cover has a few marks from how Amazon shipped it to me (see photo).  $15

4 Seasons. Set of 4 12” square glass prints $150.

Expertly cared for 52mm threaded filters
(new camera means I need all new sizes)

Hoya ND8 Neutral Density filter factor of 0.9, equivalent to 3 stops of light $18

Hoya HMC UV(c) Ultraviolet slim mount $18

Hoya PL-CIR Circular Polarizer $18

Polaroid optics ND 0.9 Neutral Density $12

OEC Grad ND Soft Grad Neutral Density I put a dab of color on the ring to see the top center easily (see pic) $12

OEC Star rotating 6 flare $15

Tiffen Center Spot $18

Pro Optic Close-up+1 $10

Pro Optic Close-up+2 $10

Pro Optic Close-up+4 $10

Zykkor Macro +10 $18


Or buy all 11 and save $159—10% = $143.

I may be listing my Fz300 in the fall so keep a eye out.