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Green mat (triple) Traditional home print

Apx 28x24


Retails for $299.

Was $239

now $149

Pair of Bronze and black urns Retail $97.50 each, sold for $149 for the pair. NOW THE PAIR IS $95.00

Apx 19x23

Pair of bridges print Apx 21"x30" each At store they were $359 on sale for $279. Now $179.

Striped flower pair APX 10x12 sold for $25 each at our store. Now $30 for pair

Tile Quartet flowers pair of prints Apx 16 square at store was $65 each now $65 for pair

Charleston SC 1989 Hurricane by Jeanie Drucker

(best I can tell by reading signature) small print Apx 10x12

Sold for $29 each at our store. Now $15.

House small print navy mat APX 9x11

Sold for $27 each at our store. Now $15.

Pair of small urn prints apx 12x14

At our store they were $37 each

Now the pair is $40.00

White rose at store

sold for $159.00 Now $100

Apx 17x28

April Posy Retailed at $125. at our store sold for $89.00

Now $60.

Apx 19x25

Burnes/Carr -Checkerboard 8x10 silver and gold $15.00

Burnes/Carr -teal and silver 5x7 (mitre corners lightly scuffed) no box$14.00

Burnes/Carr -Dynasty Laura's pastel floral 8x10 $14.00

3) Peace with dove wood 4x6 $15 each

Burnes/Carr -Fetch it yourself4x6 black & silver bone 4x6 $13.00

Art Prints $5 each


· Cowrie Shell by Bert Myers


· Tulip Shell by Bert Myers


· Lac de PushKar by Gilles Murant


· Red Ivy Window by Dick & Diane Stefanich


Last updated June 13, 2019

All of these items are from a retail store that closed.

Buy one or all. All have frames and glass.

At these low prices you could even remove the art and use just the frame, mat or glass for your own photos.